Sawdust Hill Farm Alpaca Manure

Alpaca Manure

(or as we alpaca owners call it “Alpaca Beans”)

We sell Alpaca Manure for fertilizing your garden. We have an ongoing supply so we could set you up as a repeat customer! Everything growing on our farm has been fertilized with it. This is the time of year to start thinking about this year’s crop of veggies and/or flowers! Let it sit or apply it directly. It doesn’t burn the plants and they love it!

One of our customer planted a large crop of carrots and got 2000 pounds of carrots when using alpaca manure. The next year, he used a different manure and only got 1000 pounds of carrots.

We scoop the “beans” several times a week from our well-groomed pastures. Come get a pick-up load or just a little – whatever you need. We have a tractor to load it into your truck, trailer, etc.


Please call 360-265-2122 for availability and to schedule a pickup.

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Alpaca Manure