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SAWDUST HILL ALPACA FARM 25448 Port Gamble Road NE Poulsbo, Washington 98370

(360)286-9999    (360)265-2122       




1. Barn/Pastures

Fri-Sun @ 2 PM

First 4  people $60,

Each Additional:

Adult $12, Child $7

2. Mini Tour 11 AM

 (Barn/feeding time)




11 AM to 4 PM


Alpaca Manure:

 We Load for you.

$15-$25/truck load

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Someone should tell Maynard he's a Llama!

     Like most alpaca breeders, we started out with a small herd and kept our careers going at the same time. Then, in 2006, Steven (pictured above) retired as a vice-president in the insurance industry and became a full-time "alpaca farmer".   He is happier than he has ever been. I can’t get him back into a suit and tie.  He prefers his work clothes.  So if you see a mangy looking farmer around town, it is probably Steven!

      We moved in 2007 to a larger farm with 15 acres of pasture which is our present location on Port Gamble Road. Our herd of alpacas and llamas is growing. They are a great investment, both for the joy they give us and for the animals we breed and sell. They also double as great "lawn mowers" and produce great alpaca “beans” which make incredible fertilizer.

     Our first alpaca herd included "Maynard", our guard llama, who was Mr. Personality. He was the first one to greet our visitors and to shower them with llama "kisses". He especially liked the children and also, the ladies with perfume. The more expensive the perfume, the more entranced he became! If you had tuna fish for lunch, he liked you even better!  Much to our dismay, Maynard has passed away.  We are  looking for another great llama to replace him as guard llama.

     We love the farm life and sharing our llamas, alpacas, chickens, guard dogs and cats with everyone.  We invite you to come and visit us!